26 iunie 2012

Un rol, un film pe zi.. si multe fotografii | Interview #4

Andrei Runcanu isi dedica viata pasiunilor si continua sa-si sporeasca munca cu putinta. Fotografiaza odata cu descoperirea frumosului, joaca teatru, iar ca sa fie ziua si mai interesanta, vizioneaza cate un film in fiecare zi si scrie despre el pe blog.

Esti actor, fotograf si blogger. Cum reusesti sa iti faci timp pentru toate aceste activitati?
A.R.: Foarte greu reusesc. Dupa cum poti observa, e 4 dimineata si iti raspund dupa o lunga intarziere de la primirea mailului tau. Dar n-as renunta la nimic. Din contra, mai am de adaugat activitati si incerc sa ma organizez pentru a le face loc.

Ce te determina sa faci o fotografie?
A.R.: Lumina, cum cade ea infrumusetand un chip. Simt o placere uriasa cand vad frumusetea unei persoane in lumina perfecta si atunci incep sa fac poze fara oprire, sperand sa nu pierd acel moment scurt si trecator.

Cum iti imaginnezi apogeul carierei tale de actor?
A.R.: Nu-l vad, aceasta zona e neclara pentru mine. La fel cum nu pot sa ma imaginez batran. Dar daca fac un efort de imaginatie, simt ca apogeul meu actoricesc va fi intr-o revenire tarzie.

20 iunie 2012

Outdoor home | Interiors

Summer is definetely making its presence felt. At least in this little town, so I thought you could use some inspiration for balcony designs, in case you want to enjoy summer mornings, with an ice coffee and a book, in peace, on you mini terrace.

Spacious and comfortable.

14 iunie 2012

The road is home | Photography

Some of you probably heard that “In the End, the journey is the destination.”. Well, this life project is a proper exmple for this quote. It’s about a woman who not only captures her wanderlust, but writes down her life’s adventures with his beloved family, as well. 

To sum up, she shares her lovestory, as much as her passion for photography, on her website. Check out some of her splendid shots, and in case you admire them, as I do, you can find her picturesque diary here.

9 iunie 2012

Instant. Exactly how falling in love should be like. | Photography

Who Invented the Polaroid Camera?

Edwin Land in 1937.

How does a Polaroid Camera Work?

A polaroid camera works similar to other cameras. You simply install the film in the back of the camera and insert the batteries. Press power, wind the film up, and take the pictures.

I personally am amazed by polaroid cameras. They're neither digital, nor modern, but their result seems just familiar and cosy.

6 iunie 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw | Model crush

Abbey Lee Kershaw was born on 12 June 1987 in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2007, she signed with Next Management and by March had moved to New York City, being called by models.com “the next superstar”.

31 mai 2012

Neon lights

Expressing your thoughts using neon lights.. well, that's what I call modern art. Tim Etchells surprises us with each and every neon sign of his. But let the pictures lights talk...

30 mai 2012

Giant Tree made of 80 types of fabric

Half a ton steel, 80 different types of fabric, and several tons of wood build the Baoab Tree, a sculpture in London that symbolises community, the gethering of numerous different kinds of people. It is a specific tree from Africa, which, apparently, has something to say on other teritories of the world, as well.

29 mai 2012

Summer to-do list

  Summer is knocking on our doors. Some of you graduate school or uni, and you are stressing your butts off with the exams. And even if not, I bet you can’t wait to feel the sun warming your skin up. So, as soon as this will be over, it’s going to be time to relax and to make it a summer worth remembering.

Yeah, maybe your favourite band is concerting in your area, but instead of paying a dozen of money on a single band concert you can pay twice the price for 30 bands. There is plenty of time to see your favourites.

24 mai 2012

Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize // Video of the week

Lindsey Stirling, a promising, young violinist and composer, worked hard for 12 years to show her talent and passion to the world. Her life is dedicated to this vocation, influenced by his father’s taste in classical music and not to mention she is also a talented ballet dancer.

Her main goal is to prove that anyone can be unique in its way and that if you truly believe in yourself, if you show passion for what you do, people will love you for who you are.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you check out her music!

20 mai 2012

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho // book of the week

“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.” 
  Honestly, I had never read Coelho before and I was pleasantly surprised by his writing. “Eleven minutes” is about the life of a woman, right from the beginning, from her first crush at the age of eleven(which, apropos, has no tangence with the title of the book) to the point where she is happy, I mean

14 mai 2012

Beatrice Eli - The Conquerer // video of the week

Look at me, like I’m a saint to be seen
Kiss me, like you’d bring life back to me
Fall for me, like you’re not afraid to crash
I demand that special part
The conqueror of your heart
Do me like I’m the one you saved before
Use me like I’m your drug of choice
Trust in me like you don’t know that people lie
I demand that special part
The conqueror of your heart
Whoa, I demand that special part
The conqueror of your heart 
The conqueror,uuuhhhhuuuu uuuu
The conqueror,uuuhhhhuuuu uuuu
The conqueror,
I demand that special part
The conqueror of your heart

Fight with me like we’re enemies
Have enough like one more you want from me
Walk away like you never loved someone before
I demand that special part
The conqueror of your heart.

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